Mobile interaction and security issues

  • Pornsak Preelakha Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120, Tel.0863971595
Keywords: Mobile, HCI, Security, Interaction, Mobile security


People once witnessed an interaction method between a user and mobile devices where buttons used to play a prominent role in interacting with the device. However, such interaction has been developed from the past in a variety of ways as we can see from the advancement of smartphones, tablets, and smart devices. Buttons were replaced with a touch screen system, along with many new methods to interact with a mobile device such as voice, camera, and fingerprint. These novel methods have a lot of input, saying the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality that already has been taken in by the mobile devices. The modern interaction methods aim to give its users the best experience in the areas of communication and interaction. They are expected to have a great ability to access and simple to use. Regardless of the positive light, the new interaction methods may provide, they arguably have a shortcoming for its safety of use. Seeing that the security issues of advanced interaction methods should be explored further, this article has been conducted on the pattern of interaction, both direct and indirect way, between devices and users in different methods to see the potentiality of the security issues that may harm its users.