Development of sparkling pineapple juice mixed red corn silk (Zea mays L. cultivar Siam Ruby Queen) extract

การพัฒนาเครื่องดื่มน้ำสับปะรดสปาร์คกลิ้งผสมสารสกัดไหมข้าวโพดสีแดง (Zea mays L.) สายพันธุ์ราชินีทับทิมสยาม

  • Nontaporn Rattanachak
  • Tadsawan Kumkruechan
  • Montra Srisayam Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University
Keywords: Red corn silk, Antioxidant activity, Anthocyanin


The objective of this research is to develop sparkling pineapple juice mixed red corn silk extract beverage and to study the shelf-life. The shelf-life of sparkling pineapple drinks was evaluated by using chemical and microbiological parameters, antioxidant activity, anthocyanin content, amount of yeast, mold and coliform bacteria including sensory evaluation. The development of this product was determined 3 formulas and selected the formulas that are accepted by the most sensory tests. The product was preserved 2 weeks at 4oC. The results showed that the selected formula was a formula that combines the pineapple juice with red corn silk extract with a ratio of 70:30. The sparkling pineapple drink products can be stored at 4oC for at least 2 weeks. Total bacteria number was according to the community product standard criteria (126/2546). The number of yeasts mold and coliform bacteria were not found. In addition, the product with a shelf life of 2 weeks had antioxidant activity and anthocyanin content to 40.67±0.84% and 1,141.09±0.1 µg/250 ml samples, respectively. Including, the overall inclination towards the product from day 0 (8.33± 0.57) to the 14th day (7.67±0.57) showed not significantly different (p≥0.05).