Data scraping from facebook fanpages program


  • Pornsak Preelakha Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120, Tel.0863971595
  • Patchrapa Intaprot
Keywords: Data collecting program, Facebook, Fanpages


The purpose of this study was to develop the data collecting program of fanpages on Facebook supporting displayed-changes without software development. The employed program focused on the data collecting program of fanpages on Facebook for the reason that there were a large number of users for specific purposes; for example, the fanpages dealing in fashionable bags on Facebook had a great many of customers being interested in anything baglike etc. The program was set to determine the series of Tag HTML of the model fanpages and applied to other fanpages as the target group for the data collecting. The developed program was used for accuracy assessment. A sample of 20 fanpages on Facebook were drawn from the fanpages dealing in fashionable bags online using simple random sampling method. The findings indicated that 19 fanpages on Facebook were allowed to access topics provided thoroughly; nevertheless, 1 fan page revealed 4 topics only such as ID names, total of LIKE numbers, total of comments, and dates of posting and access. In addition, there were 2 topics containing the missing data. The picture links attached were not displayed because of the inability to connect to the sources, and the lack of access texts posted was caused by using texts blending. Based on the findings of this investigation, it was concluded that the data access reached the accuracy by 98.5%. Further research is recommended to emphasize the variety of the model fanpages in order to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the program. Furthermore, using artificial intelligence technology can result in more effective data analysis. It should be noted that the model fanpages must be well-selected with a wide range of specific texts.