Product development of germinated brown rice drink mixed with instant beetroot powder

  • Janya Thonabut สาขาวิชาเทคโนโลยีการประกอบอาหารและการบริการ มหาวิทยาลัยสวนดุสิต ศูนย์การศึกษานอกที่ตั้ง ลำปาง
  • Thitiworada Yaisumlee
  • Vajit Kuntawang
Keywords: Beetroot, Brown rice, Drink, Germinate, Instant


The objectives of this research are to develop products of germinated brown rice juice with beetroot powder and to study the physical, chemical, and microbiological quality of the product, as well as to study consumer acceptance of the product. According to the  results, they showed that germinated brown rice juice, instant beetroot powder at 7%, had a sensory test score for color, smell, taste, texture, and overall preference at the highest level which were 7.12±0.65, 7.23±0.61, 6.90±0.63, 7.20±0.56 and 7.14±0.82 respectively. The physical quality in terms of color, L* = 78.10±0.42, a* = 7.06±0.18, and b* = 4.63±0.10 and solubility (%), the result was 41.93±0.42. The water absorption index was 11.95±0.05 and the puffing capacity was 0.34±0.01. In the aspect of chemical quality, it was found that the water activity (aw) was 0.3302±0.003, the pH value was 6.55±0.01, the moisture content was 6.39±0.10, the ash, fat, protein, and fiber content were 2.11±0.03, 2.14±0.02, 6.46±0.10 and 1.12±0.22, respectively. According to the microbiological quality, it was found that the mean quantity of microorganisms was found which was  yield was less than 1x104 CFU/g and the mean yeast and mold content was less than 10 CFU/g, which was within the community product standards. In terms of consumer acceptance of the total of 200 consumers towards this product, it was found that the overall preference had an average score of 7.18± 0.87. If there was a germinated brown rice drink with instant beetroot powder for sale, the consumers would make their purchase decisions, accounting for 85%.