Credit Scoring FinTech : The sample online credit application using WCF services and multi-platform client technology

  • Kayun Chantarasathaporn and Sudasawan Ngammong
Keywords: FinTech, Financial technology, Credit score, WCF services, Web application


This article is related to overview and sample practical usage of financial technology or FinTech.  It divides FinTech to 3 groups, enhancement of traditional financial services, innovative financial tools and services and algorithm related for executive support services. To have a real touch of FinTech, this article offers sample basic program of online credit application processing based on Credit Scoring concept.  This program is 2 tier application.  Both client and server software are written in C#.  Server is responsible for business logic and is written based on WCF services which is the enhancement from open standard Web services architecture. There are 2 platforms of sample client. One is written as windows application while another is created as web application.  This article is useful for staff from both financial and information technology section.


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